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We aim to provide high technology and integrated information systems services, by working hand in hand with customers to identify and address their needs, whilst providing Integrity in all transactions and the achievement of excellence through the utilisation of innovation in leading edge technology.

A global communication without frontiers with complete solution aimed at helping organizations to use information resources efficiently and effectively.


Gyntronics Computrain delivers an IT solution that enables companies to outsource their entire application and network infrastructure leveraging the capabilities and economies of a global, Best Practice, state-of-the-art IT infrastructure.

Gyntronics Computrain Service provides businesses with a full service, large scale solution for maintaining an affordable, up-to-date computing environment. This approach to computing eliminates your daily operational and maintenance burden - which results in lower costs, enhanced productivity, greater security, simplified technology upgrades and standardization of the computing environment.

Gyntronics' complete service framework is proactively monitored, remotely managed, and expertly maintained with the latest tools, updates and upgrades. We can manage your computing needs to Service Levels that you define.

GYNTRONICA™ includes:


We offer a complete range of consultancy, delivery and support services, giving you the option to request a specific skill or, more commonly, take a fully integrated end-to-end solution. We can help you in defining strategy, choosing appropriate technologies, procurement, custom configuration, project management and installation. Once implemented we then provide a range of support services to ensure long-term cost-effective performance.

George Nyarko

In this 21st  Century, technology is at the heart of your business’ total success. Getting the right technology infrastructure and strategy requires expertise that for many years has been beyond the reach of both small and medium sized businesses. GYNTRONICS was established to remedy this inequity.

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Unlimited Helpdesk

Enjoy unlimited remote support by telephone, quick response email or interactively using Internet based remote control. Liberate your team to focus on doing what they are good at, not wasting time worrying about computer problems. Our Microsoft Certified technicians can analyse and quickly resolve over 75% of problems without even visiting your office. Business advantages include:

Internet based remote control

Gyntronics online support utilises a Web-based screen-sharing application that enables us to support you by remotely viewing and controlling your computers. This application spells instant action and a massive reduction in costly onsite visits. We attend to the problem from our call centre while you get on with your work.

Instant scalability

The great beauty of outsourcing is the absolute flexibility. As you grow and change we can constantly adjust your service level to ensure that it delivers maximum ROI and minimum waste.

Onsite Response

When all else fails we can rapidly dispatch an engineer to your office. Our volume discounts and varying response times allow you to tailor this service to precisely fit your business needs. Advantages include:

Guaranteed response as fast as 2 hours

Depending on the urgency of the issue you can choose a guaranteed response times to suit you from as quick as 2 business hours.

Experienced engineers

Our team has experience in Microsoft, Cisco, Novell, Macintosh, Unix, Linux and many other fields. Your business comes first and our engineers are both polite and well-informed, placing your business needs at the forefront of their concerns when at your place of work.

Remote Monitoring

With the use of advanced diagnostic software Gyntronics can predict the onset of support issues, instantly respond to unforeseen issues and monitor server and workstation loads.

Our remote monitoring suite securely links your mission critical devices and software to our Network Operations Centre (NOC). Then, minute by minute, performance information is fed into a predictive analysis tool which ensures that as soon as any monitored business service enters a critical state we will be alerted and respond – 24/7/365. Benefits include:

Total peace of mind Should a problem occur, or any symptoms indicative of a future problem appear, we will be instantly notified and able to respond using remote support tools.

Business service view

Rather than view each device or application individually we group your systems together to represent business functionality. In this way we can apply different Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and priorities in accordance with your business requirements.

Scheduled Visits

For maximum reliability and security there are several network

maintenance tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis. Regular engineer visits provide us with the ideal opportunity to keep your systems up to date and tackle the small day to day snagging problems that on their own don’t warrant a more costly call-out. Business advantages include:

Complete integration

Scheduled Visits have enabled our customers to form strong relationships with their designated engineers. Customers have commented on how the engineer’s personal attention results in increased user knowledge and reduced ‘computer rage’ among their staff.

Vital maintenance tasks

The list below outlines some of the tasks we undertake during site visits:

• Implement MS security hot fixes

• Verify disaster recovery plans

• Verify virus defence definitions

• Check LAN security

• Create/modify user and email accounts

• Troubleshoot logged team issues

• Regular hardware maintenance

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IT Support is vital for any growing business. It eliminates the headache of employing a full-time onsite IT manager and allows your IT systems to be run with the added benefits of our combined staff experience and resources.

Affordable Support Solutions

Gyntronics provides a range of affordable and customisable support services that deliver a complete solution for your business. We know that good I.T. systems can fundamentally improve the way companies work – and we respect but relish this responsibility. We expect our customers to increase productivity and eliminate any waste on I.T. and we expect this to be reflected in our customer’s bottom line.

Every IT support package we offer is facilitated by knowledgeable and experienced engineers to ensure a committed and effective trouble shooting process, from problem inception through to successful resolution.

 It covers every single detail you need to know about your servers and workstations including, but not limited to:

Server analysis

• Checking hard disk for errors and sufficient space

• Diagnosing possible hardware issues

• Firewall / security check

• Anti Virus check

• Data Structure Analysis

• Error log analysis

• Asset List

• Remote Working Evaluation

Workstation analysis

• Virus Check

• Disk De fragmentation

• Scan Disk

• Configuration Check

• Data Structure Check

• Problem Identification

• Complete documentation of

 applications and specifications

• Asset List  

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